I’m on the hunt for a new car. My insurance is writing off my car…. I’m very sad about this. I mean… One panel got dented.


And my whole car has been written off as a result. It’s the stupidest thing ever!

Apparently they don’t fix panels anymore… These days (I’ve been told) you scratch a panel and they rip the whole thing off and put a completely new part on. Sounds rediculous to me but that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, in my search for a new car I was checking out the private sales online. I found this great car for sale. A 2013 Mazda 2 with low km’s. So I contacted the seller…

Pay attention to this because you may get a similar message

He sent me this to prove he was a genuine seller….

Sorry for taking so long to reply, I work for the Department of Defence and I was transferred to a new military base in WA. I am providing Pre-Afghanistan Deployment Training (Desert Training).
If you are still interested in buying my car, I’m asking $8,000 (I’ve lowered the price because I’m running out of time). The car is Road Worthy and Rego until April 2020. It is very well maintained, always garage kept, excellent condition, runs and sounds 100% perfect with no leaks or noises. Engine starts right up, sounds great and there are no strange noises. No hail damage. I have to sell the car as fast as I can because in three weeks I will be deployed to Afghanistan and I’ll stay there for a while. I intend to buy a new one when I get back home.
I also need to know if you have the cash to buy the car, because there are a lot of interested buyers. The car is here with me at the military base but you don’t have to worry about the distance I can bring the car to you on my expenses, so if you’re interested, let me know.
Registration#: CVU90V, 18,722 Km’s. Rego until April 2020. Just had it serviced. Mechanically A1
You’ll love the car, I can guarantee you that!

I’ve also attached some pictures so you can take a closer look at the car.

Cheers, Ian

I asked him where the car was stored because I wanted to come out and see it. Give it a test spin and make sure there was nothing wrong with it that he was hiding from me.

He then told me that he was in a different state.

But fear not!

He was going to send the car to me to inspect free of charge. There was just this one little thing I had to do first…

I recommend to make the whole transaction for the car thru the http://www.autoguidemoving.com website. All you have to do now is to register an account on their website and send me the email address you registered with, then i will start the transaction. I’ll handle shipping and the escrow fee.
Once the transaction will be set, they will guide you how to make the secure payment. They take care of the title and money transfer in the safest way. You’ll not send the money to me but to them! If you decide to keep it(and I am sure you will), then you have to visit the website and accept the merchandise and then i get paid.
You can start the registration process here: http://www.autoguidemoving.com/register.php .

I recommended them because it was used by a friend of mine in buying a car from Tasmania few weeks ago and everything was finished with success. The payment to them was made only Bank to Bank transfer to a local bank from Australia and delivery was made in the established time.  

Cheers, Ian
PS: Don’t forget to provide me the email address you used to register on the website.

If this wasn’t fishy before… it’s DEFINITELY fishy now.

I opened up the website and had a bit of a look into it.

“Just give us your money. We will hold on to it nice and safe in our personal bank account and then when you tell us you’re happy with the car, we will send the money to the seller.”

Come on… if something like this actually existed and was safe the internet community would be all over this! But I couldn’t find a single review on this website!

I’ll tell you what I did find though… The internet community is on to Ian Livingstone because there’s a whole scam page on scamalot about him! Obviously he hasn’t googled himself recently.

If you’ve come across a similar incident and found my blog in pursuit of knowledge on it, I hope I have been able to help! This kind of scam is called an escrow scam. Apparently they’re pretty common.

There is a really great site that goes into a lot of detail on them.: escrow.com. Shop safely my friends. Hopefully you won’t get caught up in something like this like I almost did!

If you’re curious to know, I did respond to his last e-mail accusing him of scamming me. Not surprisingly, he never replied after that.


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